Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend Wordle

Hello again! I love reading Lora's blog. Always interesting and fun posts going on over there. Well, I have noticed that she occasionally has this group of words atop her blog and I inquired about it. Read more about it here. And if you want to participate, here. This is what my first wordle looks like! I love it!

It was fairly complicated to save it due to I had to take a screen shot of it and edit it in paint. Then save it and upload it. If you do this and find an easier way to do it, please let me know! At one point, it had given me a code to use but it linked to a broken link. HOWEVER, I believe it was well worth it. What do you think of my wordle?


  1. i LOVE it!

    unfortunately, i had to do the same when i had a pc. with a mac, it's much easier -- the screen shot automatically saves as a photo. sooo, get a mac, that'll make it easier! haha


  2. It would be easier with a Mac because that is what they are made for. Wish I had one. :(
    Fortunately, for us PC users (though I do love my PC too), the way you did it is about the easiest. There is a way to do it with saving and converting. When you do the print function, you can save it as an .xps file. Then you can get a microsoft program that converts .xps files to .pdf files. From there you could open it with a .pdf file reader, such as Acrobat or whatever and you should be able to save it as a normal picture then from there. Might have to do another conversion to a regular picture format though to upload to blogger or other picture sites.
    So, the way you did it is probably easier. :)

    Cute site and idea. Might have to do that one. I do believe I am going to find a poem that I like and then print it and frame for the house using this crazy format.


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