Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous! It's finally Friday!!

Hello Friday!!! Oh how I do love thee!

I got to see lots of my friends at the MOPS meeting. I always leave there in a good mood. I love getting together with them. Of course, adults need adult conversations and well, sometimes conversations with the hubby just doesn't cut it! I love my husband and kids. But you all know where I'm coming from right? Conversation with a 3 year old all day just doesn't stimulate me enough to keep my sanity from drifting. And talk with the husband sometimes is a little ummm....well, let's just say that it's just not the same as being able to talk with other women who have children and have common interests with me.

Anyhoooooo, on to this week's fave fives.

To start the list, moisturizer! Thank you Garnier Nutritioniste for helping me to fight that stupid, nasty, dry skin that this mean, old, horrilble, cold weather has gifted me with! I sometimes think I could use an entire jar of that stuff on my face and it would inhale it all and I'd still have dry skin! ((Sigh!))

Next, pizza! Yum! So we splurged and spent 20 bucks last night on pizza. I prefer cheese and since the kids do also, it saves time and argument. Hubby will eat anything so we're good there! Every night Sometimes I just don't feel up to cooking and if I ask sweetly while batting my eyelashes at the hubs he will give in and let me order pizza. He's weird, he would prefer to eat at home. Of course, he also prefer that I be the one to slave in front of the stove for however long it takes to get it done as well!

Tikl Touch to talk application for Android. Turns my phone into a walkie talkie and makes things so much simpler when getting a hold of the husband. 

Sharpie Markers, fine point These puppies come in handy all the time! I use them for pens. I love the great variety of colors! I bought them for scrapbooking but these pens haven't seen cardstock since I bought them! I feel like they make my handwriting appear much neater and nicer also. Is that possible? :) It may all be in my head (there's tons of things there that I wonder about and how it got there!) Regardless, I'm in love! 

Comfortable Jeans...As many of you know, I am a night owl. Which gives me many an opportunity to get stuck watching infomercials. I saw one a few weeks ago and I fell in like! Pajama jeans!
They FIT like pajama's. They LOOK like jeans! Pure brilliance I tell ya! Comfort AND style?!?!? Ah, no greater combination in fashion.

I get to go shopping tonight! With the hubby and without the kids! Oh whatever will we do?? Oh yeah, shop! I'm excited! Hoping to finish everything up tonight! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading! I hope every single one of you has a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. My daughter loves all those sharpies too--never uses anything else. So many fun colors to choose from.

    Merry Christmas@

  2. LOL, I must not stay up late enough because I have never heard of pajama jeans. Quite the concept.

    I loooove pizza and can pretty much have it anytime.

    I'm going to check out that moisturizer.


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