Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hey it's okay tuesday

hey it's okay...

to compile a list of hey it's okay's for tuesday when technically it is wednesday. :)
to be aggravated that gift buying and wrapping is still not complete
to be just as, if not more, excited about christmas than the kids are
to sit on facebook and take pointless, mindless quizzes just to pass time
to eat white chocolate chips simply because you want something sweet and you have nothing  else on hand.
to change my blog look frequently a lot

you can check out lora's list by clicking here.


  1. :-)

    but SO sorry your shopping isn't done. i thought i would lose my mind today while i was out shopping!

    (now on to wrapping...which is truly my favorite part!)

  2. I love it's okay :) There are lots of things to be okay about, and I fully support eating chocolate, any kind of chocolate! I am actually done wrapping hubbs and baby's presents. But we didn't really go crazy this year and a lot is with my mama so I will have to wrap when I get to VA. You're a midwesterner, too? I was born outside of Indianapolis. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a sweet comment.

  3. Hey sweetie I need your email address to send the code for the Santa pic to you :)


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