Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Goals List

I haven't made a New Year's resolution for many, many years. But I think that I need to become more goal oriented; at least try to create & follow a routine. Which leads me to this post. And here is my list of New Year's resolutions list (which may or may not get completed but will probably most definitely be altered and changed upon need.) It is my goal (first one, yay!) to attempt to stick to these and update this post as tasks are completed.

New Year's Goals-2011
(one.) Eat more fruits and vegetables. At least one or the other a day. (V8 counts!)
(two.) Drink more water. At least a glass or bottle a day, but preferably more.
(three.) Spend at least 30 minutes with each of my children one/one every day.
(four) Spend less time on the computer.'Nuff said!
(five) Donate clothes or food to a charitable donation quarterly, at least.
6. Coupons-USE THEM! Not just cut them out!
7. Have shorty completely potty trained (short term goal)
8. Stick to my "one hour of t.v each night" rule (for the kids, but not ruling myself out either)
9. Start exercising more again.
10. Walk more, drive less.
(eleven.) Cook more, eat out less.

I could only come up with eleven for the time being, however, I think that is quite fitting being that we are turning the corner from 2010 to 2011. :) What are your New Year's goals/resolutions?


  1. I think all of them sound wonderful and absolutely reachable. That helps after all. Good luck!

  2. love your list! i'm saving mine for thursday, but i'm loving reading everyone else's :)


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