Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Goals List

I haven't made a New Year's resolution for many, many years. But I think that I need to become more goal oriented; at least try to create & follow a routine. Which leads me to this post. And here is my list of New Year's resolutions list (which may or may not get completed but will probably most definitely be altered and changed upon need.) It is my goal (first one, yay!) to attempt to stick to these and update this post as tasks are completed.

New Year's Goals-2011
(one.) Eat more fruits and vegetables. At least one or the other a day. (V8 counts!)
(two.) Drink more water. At least a glass or bottle a day, but preferably more.
(three.) Spend at least 30 minutes with each of my children one/one every day.
(four) Spend less time on the computer.'Nuff said!
(five) Donate clothes or food to a charitable donation quarterly, at least.
6. Coupons-USE THEM! Not just cut them out!
7. Have shorty completely potty trained (short term goal)
8. Stick to my "one hour of t.v each night" rule (for the kids, but not ruling myself out either)
9. Start exercising more again.
10. Walk more, drive less.
(eleven.) Cook more, eat out less.

I could only come up with eleven for the time being, however, I think that is quite fitting being that we are turning the corner from 2010 to 2011. :) What are your New Year's goals/resolutions?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just one thing

If you could tell people one thing or re tell them one thing, have them read one thing over again, what would it be? Kristen had the idea to re post our favorite post of 2010. Well since I just started my blogging adventure in August, I don't have many to choose from. Allow me to rephrase...I haven't posted many personal posts, most were blog hops. But I would have to go for the story telling, hopefully slightly humorous version of this post. Simply because it is so far off the mark of what I typically post. So what is your favorite post of 2010? Let's see em! And don't forget to head over to Works for me Wednesday to link your favorite post and check out some other wonderful reads already linked up!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday ŖãŊĐŏɱȵЭʂϛ

Well, Hello Tuesday! Nice to see you! And now that I have, I'm seriously considering the option of saying goodbye to you again, at least for a few more hours. A good nap would be  nice fantastic!
I have been doing more blog hop posts rather than actual posts that I have to utilize my brain to compose. I'm aware. How lazy of me! That is why Random Tuesday in conjunction with Post it Note Tuesday work out so well for me! I mean, c'mon, it is afterall called Winter Break for a reason. Who cares that I'm not technically the one on break!?!?! I'll use it to my advantage as I can. Onto the randomness and stickiness. ( yeah, I realize that could be thought of in an obscene way....but whatever...get your head outta the gutter you sicko!)
Anyhoodles, (new word I recently saw on someones blog, I love very catchy and fun!) the stickies, right!

This Tuesday post was brought to you by lots of caffeine!!! And of course by the following:


Only Parent Chronicles

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monday Blog Participation

Meet me on Monday Questions:

1. What are your New Year's Eve plans?  I We have no plans for New Years. We never do anything for New Years.
2. How tall are you? 5 feet even :)
3. What is your favorite pudding flavor? Vanilla or Tapioca. Or if I'm going with the ready to eat....any of the yummy flavors. I have a super, uber, humongous sweet tooth so they are all delicious to me. Yum!
4. What room of the house do you blog the most in? Living Room-where my computer is.
                                            5. What is your best physical feature? Hmmm...eyes???


I've posted this photo on the blog before but this is it's first appearance on MYM.

Are you relieved or sad that Christmas is over? I've got mixed feelings on it. Here's to a great Monday for everyone! ((Raising glass for a toast!))

Weekend Wordle

Here is the wordle for this weekend. I had that nagging feeling that I was forgetting a blog post this weekend and I'm going to assume that it was this one...
Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. If you're a new follower you can participate by clicking here.
Now, Lora isn't the one that started the weekend wordle, but she kept the ball rolling when the originators of it kind of dropped it. I can't credit them here because I have no idea who to credit.Onto this week's wordle. Here she is. Whattya think?

As always, clicking on the photo enlarges it! :)

Quick Pics

I have collaged (yes, I'm aware that's not a word, lol) a few of the photos of the kids and their Christmas gifts and here they are for your viewing. I didn't add as many to Kainan's as I did to Camden's because picasa kept chopping the tops of the pictures off. :(

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

hey it's okay tuesday

hey it's okay...

to compile a list of hey it's okay's for tuesday when technically it is wednesday. :)
to be aggravated that gift buying and wrapping is still not complete
to be just as, if not more, excited about christmas than the kids are
to sit on facebook and take pointless, mindless quizzes just to pass time
to eat white chocolate chips simply because you want something sweet and you have nothing  else on hand.
to change my blog look frequently a lot

you can check out lora's list by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

As excited as I was about Christmas, it certainly did sneak right up on me! That happen to anyone else? Or were you prepared for it completely? I was prepared to be completely prepared but the cards didn't fall into place correctly. So I guess that means I wasn't really prepared...


Only Parent Chronicles

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday & Monday Mingle

Do you have any holiday traditions that are very specific to your family or your family's culture/heritage?

My answer:  
We have always tried to buy an ornament for the tree every year that symbolizes something from the year we are leaving. Or at least one with the date. :)  Other than that, we are pretty go with the flow of things each year.

It was so cold here this week past!! Everything was frozen...then began to melt...and of course it all refroze. And when this happened, there were many things that I wanted to photograph. I didn't however, for the love of keeping my bones intact! Here are a couple that I did take.


This next group of photo's are some that I took last winter just before spring.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Today we went to visit Santa at the movie theater. Camden didn't really care either way, the look on her face told me she may be losing her sense of belief. :( She is after all, 9 years old. And Kainan was shy or scared, I'm not sure which. So needless to say, I didn't get a photo with just the kids and Santa. But this was the most awesome, realistic Santa I've ever seen!

After we saw Santa, we came home to build and decorate the gingerbread house. Daddy built it and me and the kids decorated it. This year I'm totally overlooking the little imperfections. Because, those imperfections is exactly what makes these little moments perfect. :)

Click this photo to see it larger!
We still have to finish our shopping. Which we won't be able to do until Wednesday!! Yeah, the even though I wanted to have everything done weeks turns out it just isn't going that way. ((sigh)) What do you have left to do before Christmas? Are you finished with everything or are you a last minute type of person?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas story told through facebook-very cool!


Weekend love

Well, after having two, yes count them (2) babysitters fall through tonight, the hubs and I didn't get our Christmas shopping date that I was sooooo looking forward to [for the time with hubby, not for the shopping, that was just a cool bonus!]. ((sigh)) ((pouty lip)) So I decided, I must do something to cheer me up...sooooo weekend wordle it is. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the wordle that I like so much. I first saw this on Lora's page who saw it on a page of the author that started it. I however, don't know who that is...besides, from the sounds of it, they don't really keep up with it much anymore. So I credit Lora. ( I would credit the originator if I knew who that was!)  You should visit her page, always a good read and music! If you want to participate in the wordle, you can click on this link. Here is mine from this week!

Kinda looks like a shoe...hmm
As always, clicking on the photo should enlarge it. It's kind of hard to read them all...I had to shrink the pic.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous! It's finally Friday!!

Hello Friday!!! Oh how I do love thee!

I got to see lots of my friends at the MOPS meeting. I always leave there in a good mood. I love getting together with them. Of course, adults need adult conversations and well, sometimes conversations with the hubby just doesn't cut it! I love my husband and kids. But you all know where I'm coming from right? Conversation with a 3 year old all day just doesn't stimulate me enough to keep my sanity from drifting. And talk with the husband sometimes is a little ummm....well, let's just say that it's just not the same as being able to talk with other women who have children and have common interests with me.

Anyhoooooo, on to this week's fave fives.

To start the list, moisturizer! Thank you Garnier Nutritioniste for helping me to fight that stupid, nasty, dry skin that this mean, old, horrilble, cold weather has gifted me with! I sometimes think I could use an entire jar of that stuff on my face and it would inhale it all and I'd still have dry skin! ((Sigh!))

Next, pizza! Yum! So we splurged and spent 20 bucks last night on pizza. I prefer cheese and since the kids do also, it saves time and argument. Hubby will eat anything so we're good there! Every night Sometimes I just don't feel up to cooking and if I ask sweetly while batting my eyelashes at the hubs he will give in and let me order pizza. He's weird, he would prefer to eat at home. Of course, he also prefer that I be the one to slave in front of the stove for however long it takes to get it done as well!

Tikl Touch to talk application for Android. Turns my phone into a walkie talkie and makes things so much simpler when getting a hold of the husband. 

Sharpie Markers, fine point These puppies come in handy all the time! I use them for pens. I love the great variety of colors! I bought them for scrapbooking but these pens haven't seen cardstock since I bought them! I feel like they make my handwriting appear much neater and nicer also. Is that possible? :) It may all be in my head (there's tons of things there that I wonder about and how it got there!) Regardless, I'm in love! 

Comfortable Jeans...As many of you know, I am a night owl. Which gives me many an opportunity to get stuck watching infomercials. I saw one a few weeks ago and I fell in like! Pajama jeans!
They FIT like pajama's. They LOOK like jeans! Pure brilliance I tell ya! Comfort AND style?!?!? Ah, no greater combination in fashion.

I get to go shopping tonight! With the hubby and without the kids! Oh whatever will we do?? Oh yeah, shop! I'm excited! Hoping to finish everything up tonight! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading! I hope every single one of you has a fantastic weekend!!!

Five Question Friday

A week til Christmas! Can you believe it?!?! Has it flown by quickly for any of you like it seems to have flown by here?? Woweee!

1. Do you regift...and if so, do you have a regifting horror story? I have never regifted...just don't see myself much as a regifter. However, I suppose with just the right WRONG gift it could be a possibility. :p

2. Do you know what you are getting for Christmas this year? I have no idea. My husband has asked me several times and each time I tell him what I want. Thing is, each time, it's a different response. I know, how horrible of me. LOL I just want him to be able to LET THE KIDS DECIDE. If I get a marble, well then, I get a marble! At least they picked it out! :) But I figure if I give him many, many responses then they still have to make a decision. :) Make them (and when I say them I mean HIM) make a decision! (Yes, yes, again, horrible of me!)

3. Who brings the most gifts in your family, you or Santa? Usually me. But this year there are several Santa's that have contributed to my wee little ones for Christmas. I'm so excited! They are pretty much getting everything they want this year! Except for a guitar...not ready to go down that road just yet, need some more discipline before we do that one!

4. What store do you love to buy jeans from? Sadly, Walmart. Simply because they are so dag goned cheap! If I could afford to buy nice, well built jeans, I certainly would! You know what I would LOVE to have? THESE!! Do those not look like the most comfortable things ever?? Hey, I'm all about comfort!

5. Christmas meal: Big, All Out Meal or Snacks and Apps? We usually do about the same as what we make for Thanksgiving. Only, Thanksgiving turkey is served, Christmas is ham. (I love me some ham!! Yum Yum!)

Magic Reindeer Food

I wanted to do something cute for my nieces and nephew for Christmas this year. Not do something as in get them a gift but help them to celebrate since we won't be there with them for Christmas. Something to add a little fun to their Christmas Eve. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for them. My daughter had come home with something similar to this a few years back. I tweaked it to my liking and will be sending it out in a package for them this week. Had I been delivering this in person, I would have used a small jar or decorative box but since it is being shipped I decided to use snack sized ziplock baggies. There are recipes online for this but I don't see the purpose of using a recipe when all you have to do is throw some together. This is what you'll need:

Small amount of oats
Red Sugar Crystals
Green Sugar Crystals

Most recipes call for glitter but that isn't biodegradable or edible to the little outdoor creatures, that's why I prefer the sugar crystals. And then I typed this up for them.

If this is too small for you to read, clicking on the photo should open a new window and give you the option to enlarge the photo...or at least zoom in  :)

Tomorrow is the MOPS Christmas meeting! Yay! Tomorrow evening the hubs and I are planning on getting our Christmas shopping done. :) Yippppeeee!


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