Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

If you have never done this, you can visit Susanne's page where you can link up and join in on the fun with the rest of us. If you have done this, I look forward to reading your five!

My favorites this week consist of the following:

A hot bowl of oatmeal. (Or chili or soup...anything warm on a cold day! This week happened to be oatmeal!) French Toast flavored was my favorite this week. But I love strawberry also! Yum!

Christmas. We've got our tree up and a few decorations set up around the house. Not many, but enough to see the wonderful cheer in my kids' eyes and the smiles on their faces. Christmas just makes the world happy, in general. If only everyone would act like it were Christmas everyday, I think we could possibly, almost conquer world peace!

Tyelnol & Ibuprofen. I've really needed it this week! Lack of sleep headaches, caffeine withdrawal (until tonight when I had a dr. pepper), many uses for lots of pain relievers this week!

Sweats. This one pretty much ties in with the oatmeal & soups. When it is cold outside, there is nothing like a nice warm pair of fleece lined sweats! Matter of fact, I need a few more pair! How will I ever survive this winter on one pair??

Snow. As contradictory as it may sound, clashing with the hot food and sweats, I love the snow. Especially the first few snows when it doesn't stick to the roads and there is no coverage. Again, can't beat the looks and excitement that my kids hold when they look out and see that it is snowing!  I love, love, love the way the snow looks lounging in the trees! Or across a seemingly endless meadow! Beautiful!

Thanks for reading!! Have a great Friday!


  1. I love sweats (wearing them now) and snow! I wish we'd get more of it! In the meantime, Christmas definitely made my list as well - twice!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. This is a happy, contented list! I enjoyed reading it. And I loved the post above - about your husband being abducted by gnomes, etc. Very creative. :)

    But the list....I love that two of your favorites involve watching your children enjoy the season. Children make everything seem more magical - if we let them.

  3. I think most everyone loves Christmas!

    Your list sounds very cozy--blankets, sweats, hot foods.

    Have a cozy, snowy, happy weekend.

  4. I've been enjoying oatmeal this week as well, but I've never tried French toast flavored, sounds yummy! I love my sweats as well.

  5. I love snow too unless it comes with bitter cold. And we've got lots of the white stuff now so I've been warming up with soups too.

    A very cozy list this week for sure!


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