Monday, December 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday & Monday Mingle

Do you have any holiday traditions that are very specific to your family or your family's culture/heritage?

My answer:  
We have always tried to buy an ornament for the tree every year that symbolizes something from the year we are leaving. Or at least one with the date. :)  Other than that, we are pretty go with the flow of things each year.

It was so cold here this week past!! Everything was frozen...then began to melt...and of course it all refroze. And when this happened, there were many things that I wanted to photograph. I didn't however, for the love of keeping my bones intact! Here are a couple that I did take.


This next group of photo's are some that I took last winter just before spring.


  1. Hi, Vanessa. I am passing by and following from the Monday Mingle at Thank you so much for participating and for displaying the blog hop button. I look forward to seeing you there every Monday.


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