Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Day 6 & Thursdays Ten

I think I missed a day for my Thankful list...but I believe this one is great enough to cover two days also. I have also added my Thursday's Ten here. You can do your Thursday's Ten by visiting Lora over at Take Me the Way I Am

♥Thankful Day 6 and/or 7, also, Thursday's Ten #1
I am thankful, oh so thankful to the brave men and women who serve our country every single day and night; putting themselves in harms way and risking their lives, preparing to make the ultimate sacrifice if we, the American people need that sacrifice. I am warm in my bed each night and safe due to the work of these wonderful, amazing people. I cannot stress how thankful I am to the military for the immense list of jobs they must do and the danger they see just so I can enjoy the simplest of things in my life. A great big THANK YOU to those that are serving today away from their loved ones.
♥my family and close friends. they have always been here for me. always supported me. i can call on them anytime.
♥the material things that make my life easy and fun. electronics, books, crafting & scrapbooking, facebook, my camera. these things give me a way to cope with the more difficult things in life. they calm me. when life gives me a bad day i can use these things to leave the stress and rough day behind.
♥teachers. they have a difficult job. i don't think much more needs to be said about them. they're wonderful! :)
♥doctors, nurses, emts/paramedics. again, I don't think they need much explanation. they work strenuous hours all in the hope that they can cure, help and give hope to one patient.
♥necessities...all the things a family needs to function easily and properly. shoes, clothes, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, hygiene products. we all know why we appreciate them!
♥stability (my husbands job). we've been  in so many places with so little money. we are now where we want to be and are finally starting to feel stabilization. it feels so nice!
♥my wonderful, trusting, almighty God. he never fails, follows through with what he promises and loves and forgives more than any one person can or is willing to do.
♥health. both of myself and my husband and kids. we may not be in perfect shape but all in all, we are healthy.
♥the wonderful, yummy, yummy food that i just ate. :) Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm!

I hope everyone has a very enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving! If you are traveling, stay safe on the roads or in the air...however you may be traveling!! God Bless!!

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