Sunday, January 16, 2011

This post shall have no title :)

Sorry that I haven't posted much anything lately. Not that I think any of you had reason to miss me...or my posts.
I have just been in such a slump lately. I have nothing to talk about, gossip about, post pictures of...NOTHING!
You know those New years goals I talked about? Not much has happened with them. You know that de cluttering I spoke of? Same result, nothing. But I did misplace my hubby's bank card yesterday and any de cluttering that was even a thought in my head-POOF! It disappeared with each unturned object in my house. I was on a path of destruction and even lost sleep last night due to the fact! I KNEW I had taken his bank card out of my pocket IN THE HOUSE but the house was challenging me to find it! My husband ended up finding it in a leather cover of his external hard drive!! Why on earth would I put it there??? Good question! I was half almost, kinda, pretty much, sorta sleeping when I did that...oy!
On a positive note, I have actually been getting some sleep! And the best part? It's been taking place through the night! Of course, you wouldn't know that I love to sleep through the day...until now. I do, there is just something relaxing about sleeping during the daylight hours. Maybe because I feel safer, even though I don't not feel safe at night. (Shrugging shoulders) Got me??!?! But the thing about me sleeping now through the night, I'm usually asleep by 8 p.m., yeah, I know! EARLY! And the one thing about going to bed early.....waking up early!!! 5 and 6 a.m. Insert words for being bored out of mind {here}....
My son woke me up early this morning, I guess I slept in because he woke me the first time at 5:30 but I sent him begged him to go back to bed! And he did, til about 6. So I turned cartoons on for him and laid down. He got up again soon after, which was expected but I didn't expect him to fall asleep in my arms! I went to lay him down in my bed (I wasn't going to attempt getting him upstairs and chance waking him!) and of course, as I laid him down, he woke! And then proceeded to puke on me! My day is complete!
He hasn't thrown up since! And has been up playing all day, until about 20 minutes ago when he fell asleep on the couch next to my husband. He was even promised a game of hungry hippos before bed and he's all crashed out! Poor guy!

How was YOUR weekend?

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  1. So what's your secret? How are you getting sleep now? I need sleep so bad. I struggle falling asleep at night. I could sleep like a baby during the day though.


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