Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Post it Notes

Welcome to the next edition, (whatever number volume it is) of Random Tuesday Thoughts and Post it Note Tuesday. Click the buttons below for more info on how to partake in this wonderful adventure. :) I like to merge my RTT & PINT all together and put my random thoughts on the stickies.


Only Parent Chronicles


  1. OMG!!!! Where do you live that THAT many crows shit on your van?

  2. Hi
    Just dropping in to let you know, I have a HUGE giveaway going on! Worth over $13,000! We Don't Have It All Together It's super easy to enter!

  3. Holy crap...LOL. I would being getting rid of a few birds.

    Love the song on your blog. I could listen to Kenny G ALL day long. He plays SO beautifully and you know I have a soft spot for a saxophone.

  4. Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnn, that's a lot of bird poo. I'd be afraid to get near the car.

  5. Good grief. I'd be making crow pie.


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