Friday, January 21, 2011

Beautiful snow

Even though I am so tired of the snow and cold and certainly is beautiful! When I looked out my side window this morning I loved the look of the snow on the steps. No one had walked upon it yet and it just had a soft, innocent, wonderful look about it. So I grabbed my camera and faced the cold white stuff and snapped a few pictures. Here is the best shot.

 This next picture was taken last night and I just wanted to capture the sparkle in the snow. It was beautiful! Even with the old footprints that the snow was just beginning to cover.

 This shot didn't turn out AT ALL how I wanted it to. I was trying to get a picture of the snow falling and how heavy it was. But my husband was in a hurry so I never stopped walking to take the picture and only got one shot. You can see very few of the flakes that were actually surrounding me. But I like how this picture turned out, even if it didn't hit the target I was aiming for. 

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  1. Love the snowy steps photo! ;o)


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