Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thursdays 10-yummy goodness! :)

First of all, yes, it is Saturday, and yes I know this! But Lora has found a way straight to my heart with this post! :) I absolutely love candy! I've got probably the biggest sweet tooth you'd ever see in one person! So, even though I had every intention of posting this Thursday, well, things just happen. I'm not perfect, even though I do sometimes claim to be.  I don't think Lora would be upset with me for being two days late.    :p
Anyway, on to my ten favorite candies!!! In no order, only because I can't make a decision which is best to be able to do that! You know what?? It was hard enough to choose only ten! Ha! Yes, it's that bad!


Starburst Candies!

Symphony Candy Bar!

Butterfinger Bar!

Kit Kat Bar!

Mary Jane candies!


Peanut Butter Bars!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!
Sugar Babies!

Halloween weekend

The Halloween festivities have come & gone,  It's been fun! I've gone through and picked my sorted and inspected the kids' candy from each of their buckets. The kids have been to the town trick or treat and the church trunk or treat where there was a judging and a very frigid hayride!  The kids racked up a ton o candy! (Score!) Here's a look at how our trick or treat activities turned out. First of all, the costume making. Kainan was a robot. And Camden was a cheerleader. I love that her costume can be used for spirit week at school in the future. :)

This is how Kainan's started out:

With a can of metallic spray paint, some computer circuit boards, a couple of reflectors & some battery operated Christmas lights, Kainan's ended up looking like this:

And Camden's costume started like this:

and turned out like this:

I used an ink jet iron on transfer to make the appliques for the turtleneck, added some black tights and helped my good friend Amanda from All Brianna's Style make the tutu for the cheerleader skirt. I had so much fun making the costumes!

Here are some more photo's from this weekend.

Now that Halloween is over {weird saying that being that this post will have a post date of Oct 30 and Halloween is dated on the 31st!} I can look forward to Thanksgiving and my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas! I am so looking forward to the smell of the goodies baking in the oven, decorating the house, singing Christmas carols and worshiping! It's the most wonderful time of the year for a reason! I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Non beneficial post for everyone who reads

Hello readers! Ever have one of those days when you just have so much you need to get done and not enough time to do it? I'm having one of those days. I feel like I've been cleaning all day and don't see any improvement. It's so very nerve racking (wracking) {I have no idea how to make that grammatically correct or the spelling either...oh well!}
Halloween costumes are almost finished...have I already mentioned that in the last couple of days? Kainan's is complete! Woohoo! Camden's is pretty much done. I still need to make her some pom poms for her cheer leading outfit. Kainan loved to have his costume on before it was done, now....not so much! He whines about it! Hope that changes by tomorrow! Anyhooooo, I will be posting pictures of costumes hopefully tonight, so check back later!

Yes, I know this post had a lot of information that really didn't benefit anyone. Except for the fact that I needed a breather from cleaning. :) Where else is better to take a break that blogspot?

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Over the last several days I have been feeling pretty yucky. And that is majority of the reason I've neglected to post anything here. I'm finally [I think!] on the mend. Surprisingly, I slept wonderful last night! Partly, I think, because my husband decided he was going to sleep on the couch so I could have all of the bed to stretch and sprawl out in. Well, whatever his reason for taking one for the team, it worked! I slept so good! I didn't wake until nearly 6 a.m and that was only because I had to pee so bad! LOL And then it was off to sleepy land again for me! Ah, it was nice!
Then I was given hugs and kisses from everyone to wake me up! Everyone seemed to wake in a good mood today! With 4 in the family usually one of us is grouchy or still tired. Today was all in all a pretty darned good day!

We've been busy getting ready for halloween, with Kainan's costume already finished and Camden's halfway. This will be a very busy week for us! There are a few different trick or treat events that I'd like to take the kids to. And parent's day on Thursday. I'm very excited! More excited than what the kids are, I'm sure!!

I officially bought the kids' first Christmas present today! They have been raving about pillow pets since they first came out! I was able to buy Kainan's at CVS but had to order one for Camden online. The one my son wanted [but has no idea that I bought this evening] was........are you ready for this..........a purple....yes, purple unicorn! Of all the things he could have fell in love with!!!! He likes the purple unicorn! But if that's the one he likes, okay! LOL I'm okay with that!
Thanks for reading! I hope you all have had a good weekend and hope you are blessed with a great week ahead!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My, my, my...what a day!

Well, it has been a rough day in the Dilly house today! It started with being almost late getting Camden to the bus. We did make it, but was rushing and stressing to get her there on time! After getting her on the bus, we went to a friend's house that lives nearby. The kids had so much fun playing together. Until Kainan fell and bumped his head! It was pretty bad! I kinda started to flip out! (I think every mother gets a little overwhelmed with trying to decipher if a head injury is bad or not...they're all bad to us!) When this happened, I took him immediately to Jim at work so he could have a look at it. I mean, he does, after all have his EMT certification. Even though it looks horrible, he says it will be okay. Whew!!! And my next genius move, I was late getting Camden from the bus stop. They had an early dismissal. I must have timed it wrong. Oh, I could use a nap! {but I can always go for a nap, I can nap anytime!} I've been a little under the weather so this has all taken a toll on me.
On a good note, I'm getting a little house cleaning done and then watching a movie with the fam tonight!!
Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wishes for Wednesday

I've never participated in Wishes for Wednesday, you can read about it by clicking the big picture above! :)
Right now my only wish is to get some sleep! I've got to babysit today so I'd like to have energy to have fun with them! I don't remember not sleeping well, but I certainly did wake up tired this morning!

Wordless Wednesday

10 Things Tuesdays

10 Things Tuesdays! Ten things made you happy this week? Blog about them! Ten things you want to do before the week’s over? Blog them! Any ten things, any theme you wish. Check out the originator of 10 things Tuesday at Magnolia Queen.

yes, yes, i'm a few hours late making tuesday...oops! here's my ten anyhoooo  :)

anytime i log onto blogger and check dashboard and catch up on my reading, i always get stuck on lora's page. always! i love reading her blog, but i love, love, love listening to her tunes! i listen long enough that i usually hear each song at least twice. :) but i am not stalking her play list!

got a new printer, had to. the box was pre opened and re packaged when we bought it. i knew that if there was a problem with it we could take it back but i made a point to ask the guy that rang it up anyway. get it home and the ink cartridges had previously been installed and the darn things were empty! that's right, no ink! grr! why do people do that? okay, so i know's because it's cheaper to buy a printer than it is to buy new ink....but c'mon folks! can anyone be honest in this day & age? that was frustrating! but, i'm now able to print photo's and send them to my gramma! this, makes me happy and hopefully her as well!

teen mom is over. boo hoo! i enjoyed that show. truth is, i love any show that has more drama in it than my life has at the time! is that bad?

speaking of tv....smallville is my newest drug. we are only on season two so no spoilers please!

halloween is nearing, i got the children's costumes started today! yay!!completed project photo's to come. [when the projects are finished!!]

i know i shouldn't...but i'm looking forward to the winter holidays! yes, i know, already! i'm literally talking about halloween costumes one sentence and Christmas the next!

my hubby is sick...hope he feels better soon! hate when anyone in the family is sick. i hate that the kids can't really find words to explain how they feel. and that i can't do anything about it. same reasons when hubby is sick...except to add to that, he is such a baby when he is ill! talking ill, my cat puked tonight...yuck! what a vision for those of you reading, i'm sure! sorry, i'll try to not mention vomit again. :)

i made flubber saturday! it was fun! i can't believe i actually brought some of this stuff home from a party and let my son keep it!

parent's day coming up at school soon, can't wait!

hope clinic thursday. :)

thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

pumpkins and jack o lanterns

photos just like i promised. the first ones taken with  the kids digging and cleaning. the last few all of us with our jack o lanterns. i had the kiddos draw a face on their pumpkin and then jim cut it out. i drew my cat (free hand) and then cut mine out (manually, jim used a battery operated carver). it was the first time i've ever carved a pumpkin as jim normally does them all.

Kainan scooping, Camden showing it all off!
See mom! Looook!
Ewwww! Look! It's big!
i love this picture! Kainan with a handfull of yuck and Camden cutely peeking!!
Kainan carrying two pumpkin tops
Kainan's pumpkin....I forgot to get one of Camden holding hers (was too cold, she dashed inside quickly!)
Left to Right: My cat, Kainan's jack o lantern, Jim's and then Camden's
All lit up!

Fall Festivities & Fun

Last night we enjoyed a relaxed evening with the families of the MOPS mama's. We [Jim & me] had a good time. The kids however, had a great time! There was a wienie roast, a hayride to the pumpkin patch where we chose our pumpkins and back to the campfire for smores. Admittedly, I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to roast our own wienies! At the same time, I know that if it had worked that way, it would have taken a great deal of time and would have probably been a mess! Can you imagine, 20 or 30 kids {all under the age of 10} holding their own hot dogs over the fire?? Can we say disaster? LOL So, while it was a little disappointing, it was completely understandable! I missed two of my good friends that weren't able to make it though. :( - ((Sigh!)) Overall, it was definitely a good thing that was going on! Kudo's to all who put it together!!

I have some things that I'm doing this evening, then hopefully home to do some pumpkin [or punkin as the little ones call it] carving! Guess that depends on the hubby's mood! Because I don't know if I can handle them on my own! Hahaa!

Will post pictures soon! But for now, I've gotta get going!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A stack of random photos

I have a few photos that I need to upload but they are all random, lost along the way photographs. So, yep, you guessed it, they're being compiled right here! :) I can't take credit for the pumpkins...I got the idea from Brown paper packages! {Great craft site!!!! love it!!!!} Hers look so much better than mine do, but since I did mine spur of the moment I think they turned out alright!

My sweet Camden!



Kainan helping grandpa put oil in the motorcycle

Little man fell asleep with this! :p

Pumpkins I made from a few pieces of wood laying in the shed....


St. Joseph's Catholic Church-Jasper, IN

My kids' room!
This is supposed to be cleaned up EVERY evening!

Random train in town
I find this slightly humorous! Hehe!
I want this shirt!


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