Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday at last!!

Today is picture day at school. But I'm not ordering...sorry but I just don't see how it is realistic to order & pay BEFORE the photos are even taken. Especially when it is easier & cheaper for me to take Camden's photo's here at home. And that is just what I'm going to do! She doesn't get the exchange wallets to exchange with kids anyway. We just order them for our walls...and being that she had pictures taken at LEAST 3 times last year {maybe it was only twice, but there were 4 poses to choose from}...I believe I'll just do them here.

MOPS today! Which means I get to hang and socialize with others ladies/moms/friends! Yipppeeee! :) I love me some socializing!

Today is also Friday's fave five, but I don't have time on this post, will have to make it on another later this afternoon, gotta run!!! Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Both kids told me they smiled pretty for their pictures today. Lets hope. :)

    I should see if we have a MOPS close to us. I think I said that once before. Short memory sometimes if I don't do it right away, LOL.

  2. Yes you did mention that you wanted to look for a MOPS. You don't have a short memory....but a mommy memory or mommy brain! Especially since you do so much! I don't know why I ever comment back on people actually go back to their comment to see if someone commented on their comment??


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