Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursdays 10-my happy things

10 things that make me happy! Only 10? I'll do my best! And don't forget to check out Lora's 10 over at Take Me the Way I Am

My 10, in no particular order.
  • listening to my children laugh & play together [there really is nothing better!]
  • dates with my husband [rare and lots of fun]
  • land o lakes mint hot chocolate mix [yummm]
  • crafting [scrapbooking especially!]
  • Christmas [no explanation needed because if i explained, i'd likely go on and on and on get the picture]
  • roadtrips [there's just something exciting about them, even when the kids are grouchy and complaining the entire time....just can't get enough!]
  • the twilight saga [ romantic!]
  • drive in movie theaters [love the feel of the nostalgia]
  • taking pictures [i love capturing the moments in our family on uh....digitalness]
  • a clean house [ i don't feel this one needs further explanation! although if you visited my house, you'd never know i loved it clean!!]


  1. there's a drive-in theater somewhere close to here and i keep wanting to go!

    i love scrapbooking too, and making jewelry...i just need to actually make some time for both soon!

    thanks for playing -- love the list!

  2. LOL, not done with mine yet, it's still in my drafts. :(
    You know pictures is going to be on mine too.
    I LOVE the Twilight series too.
    I wish I had more dates with my husband.

    Eww, mint chocolate, and it's hot too, yuck.


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