Saturday, October 16, 2010

pumpkins and jack o lanterns

photos just like i promised. the first ones taken with  the kids digging and cleaning. the last few all of us with our jack o lanterns. i had the kiddos draw a face on their pumpkin and then jim cut it out. i drew my cat (free hand) and then cut mine out (manually, jim used a battery operated carver). it was the first time i've ever carved a pumpkin as jim normally does them all.

Kainan scooping, Camden showing it all off!
See mom! Looook!
Ewwww! Look! It's big!
i love this picture! Kainan with a handfull of yuck and Camden cutely peeking!!
Kainan carrying two pumpkin tops
Kainan's pumpkin....I forgot to get one of Camden holding hers (was too cold, she dashed inside quickly!)
Left to Right: My cat, Kainan's jack o lantern, Jim's and then Camden's
All lit up!


  1. I am Kathie's sister from Just a Happy Housewife and although I do not have a blog I enjoy blog hopping. Love the Jack o'lanterns and have a quick tip you might enjoy or not-- sprinkle cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice on the lid so when the candle burns it heats the spice and makes it smell nice! You may already know that but I did'nt the first time we carved jack 'o lanterns! Happy Autumn!

  2. Karyl, that is a FABULOUS idea!!! We talked about possibly getting a few more pumpkins to carve before Halloween actually gets here {I didn't use vaseline on the inside of the jack o lanters to keep it from drying out}...but I don't think we are going to do anymore this year. Next year I will definitely be sprinkling the lids of the jack o lanterns with smelly yummies!!!! Great idea! And thanks for visiting!


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