Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursdays 10-DVR list

Thursdays ten this week is one of my favorite things: The things that are set to my DVR series recordings. Have I mentioned yet that I'm a reality TV junkie? ;)

1. Jersey Shore

2. Teen Mom

3. Dancing with the Stars

4. 19 Kids & Counting

5. Eureka

6. Extreme Makeover Home Edition

7. Hellcats

8. LA Ink

9. Mythbusters

10. iCarly

I hope you'll join me in submitting yours! You can link to Lora's page here!


  1. Is the iCarly for you or Cam? You are frightening me if you are watching iCarly, LOL.

  2. What?? Have you ever watched it? It's awesome! Started watching it with Camden, now we all watch it together. :)

  3. I've seen it, sadly. My daughter watches it too but she's not incredibly into it. She doesn't get upset if she misses it or anything. They don't actually watch a WHOLE lot of TV, especially when school is in. They don't usually have time in the evenings with everything we do and on Saturdays during the day they aren't allowed to watch at all (family day, usually none of us do) though they can that night if they want and Sundays they can if we are home. They watch the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network and things but they also have other shows/channels they like. My son likes things like Wipeout, the Food Network, Speed channel, etc. My daughter likes Wipeout, game shows, outdoor channels, etc.

    Did my list too. :)

  4. ah, my boyfriend LOVES mythbusters, and i must admit that i am now a bit hooked :)


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