Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just another day in the Dilly household

I can't believe how much Kainan is learning and growing! I asked him to put his cereal bowl in the sick this morning, his response: "No problemo!" He started calling daddy "Papa Bear" which I can only assume he gets from the nickjr. show Little Bear! {Yes, I let my kids watch tv. Yes, it is like drugs to them! And yes, we will be working on breaking that habit very soon! Which also means, mama needs to break herself from the addiction of this computer!! Let ya know how that goes!} Kainan is doing very well learning recognition of the letters of the alphabet. He knows A-M. With the exception of L. [I didn't skip "L", he only knows "M" because they are on his favorite candies!] I have only recently started to practice numbers with him. I can't breaking him of "1,2,6!" and after six he says "and number and number!!" Haha! What a smartie!

While Kainan is learning, Camden is away at school doing the same. Only, more rebelliously! She doesn't want to pay attention. Which is nothing new, especially if the television is on. [Hence the reason we will be breaking this habit! It is getting difficult for the children to listen!] Her teachers KNOW she can do better at school and she doesn't put the effort into it. This breaks my heart! I know a lot of it has to do with how we handle things at home. While we spend time with her, we just can't spend as much as she would like. The girl would sit on me all day and do nothing if I'd let her. {Sometimes, I do! :) But then my legs go numb...}
We have been doing more extracurricular activities with her [both of them really] but the things she wants to do cost money. Time to break out my mad game board skills! Hehe! Hopefully she pulls her grades up! I hate to see her lagging behind!

While the kids are learning [and myself blogging] Jim is working. I'm so thankful that he has a first shift job. That he enjoys! :)

So, that's the family update today. OH, and I've been feeling extra crafty! I'm working on fall crafts as we speak {er, uh, type!} Well, the paint is drying anyway. I can't wait to see how it turns out...if well, there will be pictures to post shortly!

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