Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The hair cut....conference & conclusion

The conference
Last night was parent teacher conferences. And the meeting with the teacher and principal regarding the "stupid" comment {that was or wasn't made, there was no conclusion on that} and the haircut. If you haven't read the original blog post, you may want to read it before continuing on here. It may be a bit confusing.
I entered the conference knowing that the teacher was going to deny ever saying my princess looked stupid. AND knowing that there are two sides to every story...and I'd only heard one.
Basically, it ended like I thought it would. She told her version, I told the version that I'd been given from Camden. Camden omitted, whether willingly or not I don't know, a part of the story. Which certainly made a difference in my thoughts, but not enough of one that I thought the teacher was justified.

Camden, apparently, was twirling and playing with her hair, making the other children laugh. Then commented to the teacher, I suppose looking for a reaction from her. The teacher's response, "Well that just looks ridiculous!"

Jim mentioned that Camden takes everything straight to heart. {She really does, that is the truth!} The teacher seemed shocked by that!

My only concern walking away from that meeting is that Camden isn't comfortable in that classroom. She doesn't like the teacher. [The principal knew this prior to the hair cut incident.] Apologies were made....Camden says she is okay with the teacher...I asked her about it post conference and she still was. Hope she really is.

The conclusion
I KNOW that there have been previous occurrences with this teacher. {I didn't mention that during the conference as that was really irrelevant to the situation at hand.} I also KNOW that if there are any more complaints from anyone, this teacher is going to be in some really hot water. And not necessarily by only the parents. The principal vocalized this to us all as well. I KNOW that Camden took it out of context, AFTER omitting information from me. BUT there is absolutely NO reason for a teacher to treat a child, ANY child the way she has treated my child. So, I'm pretty much indifferent to the whole situation. The result of the conference was neither good nor bad. It was almost a waste of breath to even say anything about it. Let's just hope it doesn't happen again!

OH and they were told to expect me to unexpectedly pop in whenever I feel like it during art class.

Here's a look at her hair right after she cut it. Very choppy here.

And here is what her hair looked like after I added bangs to it. Still a little on the short side but I think it definitely looks better. 

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  1. It looks ok, but shes never had bangs, it'll take awhile for me to get used to it.....


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