Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it cold out tonight?

I complain. A lot. About many things in my life. Not as much as some but I do it. I'm human. We all do it. About all of the terrible things life has thrown at us.
Right now in Chicago it's 20 degrees. New York 28 degrees. St. Louis 31 degrees. Columbus, Ohio 28 degrees. And there are people, humans, just like you and me that have no shelter from the elements. From the wind & rain to the ice & snow. Many won't make it through the night. So while we sit in our sheltered and warm homes, remember to be thankful for just how much you have. Those without a place to live would gladly trade our little annoyances and problems, large or small and trade them for their own. I guarantee some of these people would see a much brighter reflection in our eyes than what we see for ourselves. Life is not always as bad as we tend to make it.

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